The K3003 in-ear lifestyle headset comes with several exclusive accessories that perfectly match the earphones' stainless-steel casing.

The genuine leather case, developed exclusively for the K3003 earphones, protects the cable, the remote control and the earphones themselves from scratches and physical damage.

A perfect fit is essential for perfect stabilization and sound quality. To let you fit the K3003s to your ears, its anti-allergic, latex-free ear sleeves come in three different sizes.

The stereo-to-dual-mono adapter connects the K3003 to a plane's in-flight entertainment system for full stereo playback. It allows you to take full advantage of your airline's entertainment options.

The audio adapter cable establishes the full range of playback opportunities with any kind of audio device. It converts the four-pin connector jack for microphone use into a three-pin connector jack compatible with a variety of devices (available only on the K3003i).